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Leading Productive Teams

Leading Productive Teams

What helps teams stay connected, engaged, and productive? Fiona Kesby, CEO of Go Virtual Assistants, shares some hard-won insights and effective frameworks in this on-demand webinar.

Watch this webinar and you’ll gain:

  • 3 core beliefs that will help your team protect their focus and productivity;
  • Practical ideas to keep your distributed teams connected; and
  • A speed drill to get you and your team through those occasional (and perfectly normal) moments of doubt or fear.

We’ve also gathered these ideas in a playbook that you and your team can download for free. Using a combination of timeless principles for effectiveness and the right tech tools, the teams you lead can overcome challenges and produce their best results yet.

What better way to make the most of this extraordinary year?


    About Fiona Kesby

    To foster productivity, focus on culture. New members of the GO Virtual Assistants (GO-VA) tribe are often surprised to meet with CEO Fiona Kesby during their first few days on the job. Most had never heard of a CEO personally welcoming new team members in the companies where they worked before.

    Fiona, however, considers building a remarkable culture among her chief priorities. Celebrations like a tea session to meet new team members, wrap up the first 6 months, or celebrate work anniversaries make it possible for her to meet everyone in GO-VA at least once each year. She believes in leading from the heart.

    When culture is built and constantly improved to make sure that everyone feels safe, productivity takes root.

    Before moving from Brisbane to Cebu City in the Philippines in May 2015, Fiona had been outsourcing offshore since 2007. She combines her outsourcing insights with her experiences in Australian and international recruitment to help GO-VA clients find exceptional virtual assistants.

    In 2020, GO-VA received several awards, including a Bronze Award for Company of the Year (Business Services) in the Stevie Awards for Women in Business.

    aces nominee for 2020

    You deserve to win in outsourcing!

    Fiona Kesby - Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at GO Virtual Assistants

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