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About Us

How it all started...

All the highs and lows of outsourcing, offshoring, and working with distributed teams, Australian entrepreneurs Matt Kesby and his sister Fiona Kesby have known first-hand.

They began offshoring tasks via Odesk (now Upwork) for their software development business in 2008. They can help you avoid the frustrations that sometimes come with the territory, whether you’re working with one virtual assistant (VA) or leading a large global team.

In May 2014, Matt started GO-VA after one of those light-bulb moments. As an execution practice leader for FranklinCovey, a global leader in effectiveness training, productivity tools, and strategy and execution consulting, he found that working with a Filipino VA made a real difference. “Everyone in business should be doing this,” he thought.

In 2015, Fiona moved to Cebu in the Philippines to lead GO-VA as it scaled. Both Fiona and Matt want all business owners to have the opportunity to offshore tasks effectively without the high costs of setting up an offshore business or the loss of control that full outsourcing entails.

GO-VA finds the top talent in the field, from among whom their clients choose who they’ll work with. Clients also decide how the work will be performed. In March 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, GO-VA moved more than 70% of teammates from an office-based to a work-from-home arrangement, for everyone’s safety and peace of mind. 

How do you sustain and strengthen a kind, caring, and high-performance culture in a distributed team? That’s the challenge GO-VA’s leaders (read: every remarkable individual in the GO-VA tribe) have embraced. 

At its core, the philosophy remains the same. Bring together growth-stage businesses in Australia, NZ, UK, US, Singapore, and practically anywhere in the world with remarkable teammates in the Philippines, who possess a broad range of skills. This way, more businesses can execute on their strategy, scale, and find their place in a new world teeming with opportunities.

Company Values

  • Care

  • Drive
  • Humility

  • Learn
  • Gratitude

  • Execute

  • Find a way


GO Virtual Assistants (GO-VA) CEO Fiona Kesby

Fiona Kesby

CEO  linkedin

Fiona Kesby, CEO, has over 18 years of experience in the Australian and international recruitment industry. She is passionate about providing team members with an environment that is supportive and caring; that fosters career growth and confidence; and inspires a love of learning.

Fiona and her family relocated to Cebu, Philippines in 2015.

She enjoys public speaking and has addressed events hosted by Asia CEO Forum, Google Business Group-Cebu, Maximum Impact Philippines, and Payoneer on the importance of organisational culture, unleashing human potential, and the game-changing advantages of outsourcing, when both the people and technology pieces are played right.

GO Virtual Assistants (GO-VA) Founder - Matt Kesby

Matt Kesby

Founder  linkedin

Matt Kesby, Founder & Head of Execution and Software Product Development, has been outsourcing to the overseas staff since 2008.

As a public speaker and facilitator, Matt enjoys sharing his insights on communication frameworks, leadership, marketing, leveraging technology for productivity, and, of course, how to win in outsourcing. As an execution practice leader for FranklinCovey in Australia and New Zealand, he has trained organizations in strategies that drive significant behavioural change and lead to new and outstanding results.

Matt and his family moved to Cebu in October 2019. He is committed to driving engagement and morale for long-term results and sustainable success.


Marnie Aliviado - GO Virtual Assistants
Marnie Aliviado

General Manager / Results Coach

Carlos Enriquez - GO Virtual Assistants
Carlos Enriquez

Head Results Coach

Michael Carreon - GO Virtual Assistants
Michael Carreon

Results Coach

Rosanna Abangan - GO Virtual Assistants
Rosanna Abangan

EA to the CEO

Marie Franchesca Misa - GO Virtual Assistants
Marie Franchesca Misa

Results Coach

Alpha Omega - GO Virtual Assistants
Alpha Jane Omega

Results Coach

Araceli Tancinco from GO Virtual Assistants
Araceli Tancinco

Results Coach

Nathan Villanueva - GO Virtual Assistants
Nathan Villanueva

Results Coach

GO Virtual Assistants (GO-VA) - Joseph Nicolas
Joseph Nicolas

Results Coach


Geraline Sagun - GO Virtual Assistants
Geraline Sagun

HR Business Partner

GO Virtual Assistants (GO-VA) - Veronica Rebalde
Veronica Rebalde

HR Generalist

GO Virtual Assistants (GO-VA) - Nikki Surigao
Nikki Surigao

Wellness Officer

Charmaine Carayo
Charmaine Villaver

HR Admin


Sabino Estroso - GO Virtual Assistants (GO-VA)
Sabino Estroso

Accounting Manager

Genevieve Almedilla - GO Virtual Assistants
Genevieve Almedilla

Finance Officer – Billing and Accounts

Jean Olidan - GO Virtual Assistants
Jean Olidan

Finance Officer – Payroll

Nilda Dequinco - GO Virtual Assistants
Nilda Dequinco

Finance Officer – Payables

Darwin Bernaje - GO Virtual Assistants
Bernaje Darwin

Purchasing Clerk

Nivelyn Arriesgado - GO Virtual Assistants
Nivelyn Arriesgado

Government Liaison Officer

Angelica Tomnob - GO Virtual Assistants (GO-VA)
Ma. Angelica Teruel-Tomnob

Accounting Specialist


Julie Sabordo - GO Virtual Assistants
Julie Ann Sabordo

Client Success Manager

Ann Preolco - GO Virtual Assistants
Ann Preolco


Vanessa Apal - GO Virtual Assistants
Vanessa Apal


Monalisa Evangelista from GO Virtual Assistants
Monalisa Evangelista


John Carlo Alilin - GO Virtual Assistants
John Carlo Alilin


Karl-Bustillo - GO Virtual Assistants (GO-VA)
Karl Bustillo


Jenelyn Baclay - GO Virtual Assistants
Jenelyn Baclay

Recruitment Administrator

Cristine Ansit - GO Virtual Assistants
Cristine Ansit

Recruitment Administrator


GO Virtual Assistants (GO-VA) - Isolde Amante
Isolde Amante

Senior Content Writer

Michelle Signe - GO-VA from Cebu, Philippines
Michelle Rose Signe

Chief Happiness Officer

Gemstar Branzuela - GO Virtual Assistants
Gemstar Branzuela


Jason Holbrook - GO Virtual Assistants
Jason Hoolbrook

Assistant Videographer

Nikki Zamora - GO Virtual Assistants
Nikki Zamora

Social Media Coordinator

Raymond Arsenal - GO Virtual Assistants
Raymond Arsenal

Video Editor

Elmer Perez - GO Virtual Assistants
Elmer Perez

Content Writer/ Proofreader

Gino Carpio - GO-VA from Cebu, Philippines
Gino Carpio

SEO & Digital Marketing Specialist

GO Virtual Assistants (GO-VA) - Josephus Tabada
Josephus Tabada

Web and Graphic Designer


Michael Gloria - GO Virtual Assistants
Michael Gloria

Network / IT System Team Leader

Michael Aliviado - GO Virtual Assistants
Michael Aliviado

IT Admin

Kevin Jordan - GO Virtual Assistants
Kevin Jordan

IT Support