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Yes, it's Time You Built Your Global Team. Start Strong.

Opportunities to scale and grow your business are emerging in the midst of COVID-19.

How will you position your business to benefit from them?

If you’ve never worked with a global team beforeーor have done some of it, with only limited successーwe at Go Virtual Assistants and Global Office PH can help.

Support your business leaders by delegating core components of their work to a global team in the Philippines who are dedicated to delivering results, 100 percent.

Free yourself and your onshore team to do the more strategic work that will grow your business stronger.

Resources to Help You Start

What is Managed Operations?

It’s the smart middle ground between full outsourcing (which gives you little control over who does the work and how well) and starting your own company abroad (which can be costly and complicated).

How to Win in Outsourcing

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    Most businesses will struggle to afford to put on an extra
    person right now, that’s the reality. By augmenting the work with
    a lower-cost solution, through automation or outsourcing and
    building a global team, business owners can free up their
    onshore business leaders’ minds, reduce their stress, and
    allow them to deliver bigger results than they
    have ever delivered before.

    Matt Kesby - GO Virtual Assistants (GO-VA) Founder

    Founder, GO-VA & Global Office PH

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