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Productivity Experts

We are masters of productivity.

Our mission is to help your business to scale and your people to exceed.


Our philosophy and structure has been implemented by one of Australia’s leading productivity specialists —our founder, Matt Kesby. Matt, a start-up specialist (5 start-ups to date) and with over 7 years as Franklin Covey’s lead execution practitioner in Australia, has helped Australian and International listed companies save tens of millions of dollars and increased share values all through applying systems and frameworks for changing human behaviour.

At GO-VA, you will find the principles of human effectiveness underpin everything we do… it’s in our DNA.

Matt Kesby

Results Coach Program

We Help Your Team Reach Their Performance KPIs


Through coaching support, GO-VA’s Results Coaches help your virtual team members prioritise their tasks and achieve their Performance KPIs. Should any misunderstanding arise between clients and their virtual staff, Results Coaches will act as liaisons.

GO-VA’s unique performance-coaching process includes:

  • 4-Minute Daily Huddle

    Every day, your virtual team members’ Results Coach will work with them to obtain clarity on their tasks. If you have no tasks for your virtual staff that day, they will select from your default pool of tasks for Virtual Assistants and communicate this with you.

  • 15-Minute Weekly Focus Meeting

    Each Friday, your virtual staff meet to plan for the week ahead. They assess how well they’re achieving their performance KPIs. If a virtual team member is facing roadblocks, the Results Coach can help your virtual team member discuss this with the right person in your organisation. You can join these weekly sessions via audio-video conference.

  • 90-Day Reset

    The Results Coach leads this strategic session between your virtual team members and their direct manager. This helps keep your virtual staff aligned with your strategic direction.

Productivity & Performance Process

Each new team member attends a full day on-boarding and induction session run by our Results Coaches. This generic session covers basic items such as attendance, performance and working with Westerners. You are welcome to add slides or videos to these sessions.

GO-VA helps you document your processes and share them with your team member.

This can be done over a video conference attended by yourself or someone else on your behalf, your GO-VA based team member and his/her Results Coach.

Your team member’s Results Coach works with you to set 3 Go-To-Tasks. These are activities that your virtual team members can fall back on should they have completed all their work and not be able to contact you. One that we highly recommend is creating standard operating procedures around all their activities. The Results Coach will show your team member how to create an SOP.

Results Coach Mentoring - GO Virtual Assistants
Results Coach Mentoring - GO Virtual Assistants

Productivity Software Analysis Tool

Avoid Distractions

We all get distracted no matter how efficient we are. Your team stays focused by gently nudging them when they get distracted from work.

Monitoring employee internet usage during their work time. When excessive amounts of time on Youtube, Facebook or other personal web browsing are detected, they will be given a nudge to ensure that they are still working.

Your team will find it easier to focus on important tasks without getting sidetracked.

Time Tracking

Staying productive at work is about getting more done in less time.

When you can accurately track where time is spent in your business, it’s easier to ensure that everyone is working efficiently.

Track the total time worked by every person on your team, provide a breakdown on how much time is spent on which projects (or clients) and tasks. Data is accurate to the second.

Website and Application Monitoring

We give you detailed insights on how your team spends their time so you and your team know where their weaknesses are and can improve them.

Silently recording application and Internet usage for all users during work time. Managers receive a weekly report outlining which websites and applications were used, and for how long. Individual users receive the same report outlining their own time usage stats.

This report maximizes productivity tracking and helps identify productivity issues. For example, if you’re a developer and you’re only spending 10% of your time on development, you can see what’s occupying the rest of your time and make adjustments to get back on track.


An incredibly powerful tool on its own, but when you integrate it with other software it becomes even more powerful.

Integrating with some of the most popular management platforms on the market today. Your Results Coach can provide you with a detailed list. Integrating allows you to track time spent on projects & tasks from those other platforms.

Screen Monitoring

Ability to take screenshots of the computer screen every few minutes. Time tracking with screenshots is useful for monitoring remote employees. Screenshots are also useful for some types of companies such as design shops which can use them to review work processes and improve productivity.

You can turn the screenshots feature on or off for each person in your company, and can also set the screenshot interval.

Private and Secure

Your information is safe.

All information, including screen captures, is encrypted when sent to the servers. World class encryption methods on world class servers to ensure that your information is safe and secure.

Motivation Sessions

Communication is key in any relationship and your team member is regularly kept up to date and inspired on a daily basis.


On-Site Australian CEO


Welcome to GO-VA. I believe, as a leader, we must set the bar high for achievement, be consistent, encourage those around us to grow their careers, appreciate and show gratitude for a job well done.

In May 2015, I relocated with my family to Cebu, Philippines. A life changing experience that I feel very fortunate to have experienced and to be able to share with others. My leadership style and shared philosophy are very simple:

  • Our recruitment team only select those that they know I would personally hire myself (my standards are high)
  • We tell people we believe in them and consistently communicate a message to be the best they can, never stop learning and never give up.
  • I personally welcome your team on their first day with a gift and personally thank them when I hear a job well done. You won’t find me locked away in an office by myself, I’m amongst it all
  • Your success is our success
  • Most importantly, we are passionate (some say obsessed) in creating a world-class culture for your team to exceed.

What gives me the most satisfaction is receiving messages from your team and knowing that each day we are creating an environment that gives both you and us that edge:

  • Two years! Congratulations, Fiona! And thank you for being a blessing to us.
  • I know that you are a great inspiration to all of us. Thank you.
  • Thank you for this wonderful piece of advice Fiona.
  • Thank you Fiona. You are truly wonderful at what you do.
  • Thank you so much for the time it really helped me.

To your success!

With respect & massive encouragement