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Visiting Our Office

Our office is your office!

Come and visit your team and meet face to face. For new clients who would like to meet with our CEO, we recommend making an appointment.

Is it Safe to visit?

Cebu has one of the lowest crime rates in the whole of the Philippines. Like traveling anywhere in the world be alert but not alarmed. Our Australian CEO lives here with her extended family and her two daughters attend International School. Just like in your own city there are places you wouldn’t go alone at night, sames goes for Cebu. Check your government travel announcements for other regions in the Philippines.


We recommend that you fly via Singapore or Hong Kong and connect directly to Cebu avoiding Manila International Airport. If you are flying directly to Manila give yourself plenty of time to transfer from the international airport to your domestic flight and expect delays on your domestic leg.

Schedule a Pick-up

For visiting and prospective clients, we have a company car and driver available that can pick you up from your hotel and bring you to our office. This is by far the fastest and easiest way to visit us. Contact our Client Success Manager, Klein Serrano by phone or https://calendly.com/klein-serrano or  call (+61) 2 7227 8809 or 32 410 7523 (Locally) to request for a pick-up.

Employee above industry standard workspace. - GO Virtual Assistants


Abaca Restaurant Cebu, Philippines


Abaca is a tropical hideaway that offers the tranquility of very private deluxe suites set in a lush tropical oceanfront retreat.
Circa 1900 Restaurant in Lahug, Cebu City

Circa 1900

A cluster of ancestral residences restored into a lifestyle and leisure destination, a quick escape from the hectic lifestyle in the growing city of Cebu.
Lantaw Busay Cebu

Lantaw Busay Restaurant

One of the famous Mountain top restaurant in cebu
Lantaw Floating Restaurant in Busay, Cebu City

Lantaw Floating Restaurant

The famous floating restaurant in Cebu.

Golf Club and Spa

Cebu City Country Club

Cebu Country Club

Just a 10-minute drive from our office.
Imperial Spa in Cebu

Imperial Day Spa

5-minute walk from our office.

Local Transportation


Very hit and miss on the quality of car, driver and english skills.

Grab Taxi

Grab Car

Grab Car offers a convenient online taxi booking service. It brings the nearest taxi driver to you without unwanted fare negotiations.

Staying for the Weekend