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JimJim's Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Dec 7, 2019 - Episode 60 with Fiona Kesby

“Brisbane to Cebu – Driving company culture – Outsourcing for growth – with Fiona Kesby”

Fiona Kesby is a CEO and single mom with a passion for fostering winning culture and leaning into technology. Listen to Ep60 as Fiona shares how, after a 6 month trial in Cebu, PH to manage her brother’s company, she agreed to relocate from Brisbane permanently and is now CEO of Go-Va, a 400+ employee global outsourcing company. Setting the standard for company culture and spearheading custom apps such as, Fiona has grown Go-VA organically and is innovating outsourcing tech and processes.


Nov. 28, 2019, KMC Solutions, Cebu IT Park

For the CEO Forum in November, our CEO and co-founder Fiona Kesby joined Alex Gomez, vice president for people and culture of KMC Solutions, and motivational speaker Anthony Pangilinan to talk about the critical role of leadership in making the most out of disruption.

The event’s theme was “From Here to There: Turning Vision to Reality” and it provided the valuable reminder to embrace change, which is a more positive way of viewing disruption both in our organisations and in ourselves.

“Four years ago, all I wanted to do was build something that would help global businesses to scale and to provide the Filipino workforce with a safe working environment where they feel valued and cared for,” Fiona said.

The important thing is to keep on learning and always push forward, driven by one’s vision and values.

Asia-Pacific Women Startup Weekend Pre-Event

Sept. 4, 2019, Skyrise 4, Cebu IT Park

Even the best ideas won’t gain ground unless you can execute and sell them.

So when the opportunity came up for GO-VA CEO Fiona Kesby to share with aspiring entrepreneurs the art of the pitch, she couldn’t turn it down. She discussed her ideas and tips in an event that led up to the second Startup Weekend Cebu-Women Edition.

Participants enjoyed the chance to prepare for Startup Weekend, where they would be challenged to come up with an idea that would solve a problem female customers faced, build a prototype, and pitch it to a panel of judges—all within 54 hours.

Before taking up the CEO’s post, Fiona had led the recruitment and sales teams at GO-VA. She drew from that and her extensive experience in the international recruitment industry to help women entrepreneurs get ready to create something of value and step into leadership themselves.

Fiona at Payoneer Forum

Payoneer Forum 2019

August 3, 2019, Seda Ayala Center – Cebu

“The 10 Steps to Building a 9-Figure VA Business”

Running a business – regardless of the industry – can be tiresome. Business owners need to find the right balance and create habits that help them propel forward.

In this talk, Fiona Kesby shares her top 10 tips on building a business. In this case, how GO-VA was able to scale to being the 9-figure business it is today.

For the last session, Fiona joined other women leaders in a “Women in Tech” panel, where they shared with the audience key statistics on equal employment opportunities and gender equality in the country. During the panel discussion, Fiona shared that the Philippines has the highest proportion of women managers in Southeast Asia, while ranking fourth worldwide.

Fiona in Asia CEO Forum

Asia CEO Forum

April 3, 2019, City Sports Club – Cebu

“Great companies don’t hire skilled people and motivate them. They hire already motivated people and inspire them.” – Simon Sinek

At the Asia CEO Forum, Fiona Kesby shares the story of GO-VA… from just one virtual assistant to beyond 400. The supposedly 2-year assignment has since become 4, and Fiona has shown no signs of stopping just yet.

GO-VA’s growth and culture is an inspiration to many, and it was well-presented at this event.

Fiona in Google Business Group - Cebu

Google Business Group - Cebu | Womenwill

March 16, 2019, The Company – IT Park, Cebu

“The 12 Steps to Building Confidence”

Confidence is bravery.

Fiona shares the 12 steps she follows to build confidence – in anyone, anywhere! It was an afternoon of insights, which led to many women opening up and realising that they are a single shift in mindset away from becoming their true confident selves.

5 Simple Rules of Effective Offshore Outsourcing

Spark Magazine Oct 2017

How to increase revenue, decrease costs and improve customer service. There are some negative stories about offshore outsourcing. Stories like “A friend hired a freelance software developer in another country, and the developer ran off with the code,” or “A company on the other side of the world promised a marketing manager a regular supply of tailored high-quality articles, but the manager ended.

Managing the Risk of Offshoring

Steadfast Magazine Oct 2017

Fiona Kesby and her brother Matt began outsourcing office tasks for their software business to offshore workers almost a decade ago. Now they run a business that helps SMEs enjoy the benefits of offshoring without the frustrations of managing a virtual team.