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15 Tips to Make Outsourcing Work Best for You

GO Virtual Assistants Team in Cebu, Philippines

There’s a world of talent out there.

If you thought outsourcing was a good idea before, the disruptions this COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed have made it a must-have for most businesses.

After more than a decade of outsourcing — and more than 5 years leading Go Virtual Assistants in Cebu, Philippines where my family and I now live — all the highs, lows, and lessons have made me see the wealth of potential that this industry holds.

There’s so much growth outsourcing can help many businesses achieve, wherever you may be in the world. This pandemic has made that clear.

At Global Office-VA, we are streamlining our processes, automating where feasible, and constantly finding ways to help our teammates stay well and committed to delivering remarkable results.

I’d love to share with you some tips—all of them hard-won, all of them effective—that will get you the best results from working with your own Global Office.

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CEO, Global Office-VA

Fiona Kesby - Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at GO Virtual Assistants