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White Label

White Label Partnership - Scale your VA Business to the next level!

Are you looking to start a Virtual Assistant Business in the Philippines and not sure where to start?

Do you have at home workers and would like to move them to an office location to have access to high-speed internet and power redundancy?

Do you have a team who are not paid government benefits and 13th month? Like to implement to create a team with loyalty and longevity?

Do you currently have a team in Cebu in an office and experiencing high turnover?

Not sure if you are ready to set up a Filipino incorporated company?

Do you need assistance understanding the culture and advice on attracting the top talent and keeping them engaged and loyal?

Would you like leads to increase your part-time VA workload?


If you answered YES to any of the above Partner with GO-VA’s white label program. Focus on what you do best – Sales, increase your revenue and SCALE your business.


  • Recruitment
  • HR
  • Payroll
  • Legals
  • Employee Engagement Activities
  • Computer set up
  • IT Support
  • Facilities Management.  


  • Selecting your team members
  • Training your team
  • Sales


You select who you want on your team, train them in your operations and procedures.  Team members use your email address, your company branding on Linkedin and your voip lines.  We will even take their photo so you can showcase them on your website.


  • Onsite Australian CEO available for consultation on your VA Business
  • Filipino General Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Employee Engagement Officer
  • Company Nurse
  • Recruitment team
  • Leads for part-time work
  • Only 3-month minimum contracts, team members are free to move with you at any time
  • Employment Lawyer on Retainer
  • Results Coach Program – to improve productivity
  • Recruitment program that includes testing and videos for you to use with your clients
  • Structured employee engagement program


“Being in the offshoring business I’ve seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly. Fiona and the team at Go-VA have set a new standard for professionalism. The GO-VA team are respected, supported and encouraged to become the best they can be. Which ultimately means more efficiencies, more productivity, and more engaged team members. I highly recommend Fiona and the GO-VA team to anyone looking to grow their business, their team and their profitability.”

Danielle Cornelissen

Helping Advisers To Build An Outsourced Solution

For more information, book in an online consultation with our CEO Fiona Kesby.