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Takeaway: Add a Virtual Assistant and Give Your F&B Business an Advantage

GO Virtual Assistants (GO-VA) Outsourcing Services For Food and Beverage Business

This year, every food and beverage business needed to learn quickly how to serve customers online, if they hadn’t done so before.

Attention shifted from the quality of in-store experiences, to making purchases and payments easier and safer. The ability to deliver fast became a matter of business survival.

Yet this year has also opened tremendous possibilities for F&B businesses.

Working with a virtual assistant will help F&B businesses make the most of these emerging opportunities. With the right skill set and experience, a virtual assistant can:

  • free business owners from the burden of essential yet time-consuming administrative tasks;
  • make sure the business is found online;
  • answer customers’ orders and queries;
  • respond to reviews and grow online communities;
  • create and publish content for social media channels; and
  • build as well as maintain e-commerce sites.

If you’ve never worked with a VA before, it’s perfectly normal to have plenty of questions. We’d love to help you sort them out!

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    “The implementation of online retail in Food and Beverages has been lagging for two decades. However, it has finally taken off now, becoming the fastest-growing product category in eCommerce.”

    US$ 227.08

    Average revenue per user in 2020, Statista forecasts


    US$2.64 tr

    Forecast 2020 sales of packaged food worldwide

    Software Our Food & Beverage Virtual Assistants
    Have Experience With

    Softwares For Food And Beverage Business
    Softwares For Food And Beverage Business
    Softwares For Food And Beverage Business
    Softwares For Food And Beverage Business

    Positions We Can Fill

    Accounting Clerks

    Data Entry VA

    Digital Marketing Assistants

    Executive Assistants

    Graphic Designers

    Inventory Specialists

    Order Processing VA

    Sales & Marketing Admin Assistants

    Sales Support VA

    Social Media Content Creators

    Video Editors

    Web Developers

    …and many more

    Our Food & Beverage Industry Virtual Assistants’ Qualifications

    • Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts, Hospitality Management, Hotel and Restaurant Management, and Restaurant Service Technology
    • Experience in the food and beverage industry
    • In some cases, experience in designing and building mobile apps for the F&B industry
    GO Virtual Assistants (GO-VA) Outsourcing Services For Food and Beverage Business

    How Does This Work Exactly?

    A few years ago, the idea of working with teammates in a different country from your kitchen or commissary was unthinkable. Now it’s virtually a must. If you’d like to ask questions about adding a remarkable GO-VA teammate to your F&B business, we’d love to hear from you!


    Full Support for Your Global Team

    Health, Safety, and Wellness
    • Nurse and doctor onsite for your office based team
    • Safe, health department-approved facilities in Cebu I.T. Park. 24/7 security.
    • Telemedicine for work-from-home teams and dependents
    Engagement, Morale, and Productivity
    • Automate onboarding and training with Dothis.to
    • Dedicated Results Coaches to support you and your global team
    • Personal and team effectiveness training from an ex-FranklinCovey leader
    • Virtual events (Discover You lunch, Values Awards, and gratitude celebrations) to stay connected
    Data Security
    • Payments Card Industry (PCI) data security standards
    • Always-On Virtual Private Network.
    • Regular audit of work-from-home team’s locations
    • Sustained training on security policies, through our enterprise software Dothis.to
    Essential Support Services
    • Professional and thorough talent search and recruitment
    • Hassle-free, transparent processing of payroll and benefits
    • 24/7 IT support
    • Facilities management onsite. Support for work-from-home teams.

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