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Recruitment: $495 USD per person

Whether your a small business looking for a Virtual Assistant working from home or a locally based business in Cebu or Clark, we can assist you to find your next team member. Fee includes advertisement, testing, reference & background checking. This is a one-off recruitment service.

Seat Leasing: From $155 USD per seat Clark, Philippines

For companies setting up their own incorporated company in the Philippines, we offer desk, i3 computer and internet for either a 9-hour shift or 24-hour shift.  Currently available in our Clark location.

Managed Operations:
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Cebu & Clark, Philippines

Ideal for those first starting out with an offshore team member and looking for an environment similar to their own office and an onsite team to support them. We supply a modern office, fibre optic internet, power generators, HR, Payroll, Culture Strategy to keep your team loyal and engaged.  Leaving you to train and QA their work. We can offer shared space or individual office space with your own branding.

 .Net Developers 3D / Revit Drafters Appointment Setters Bookkeepers Construction Estimators Content Writers Data Analyst / Researchers Executive Assistants Finance Assistants Inbound Marketers Inbound Marketing Managers Legal / Medical Transcriptionists Legal Assistants Programmers Real Estate Assistants Recruitment Assistants Social Media Assistants Telephone Sales Representative Web Designers Web Developers Others