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Meet the team

Fiona Kesby


Fiona Kesby CEO has over 18 years experience in the Recruitment Industry. She is passionate about providing team members with an environment that is supportive and caring, encourages career growth, confidence and a love for learning.

Matt Kesby


• Matt Kesby Founder & Entrepreneur who trains organisations in strategies that require people to significantly change their behaviours to deliver new & outstanding results.
• Has been outsourcing to overseas staff since 2008.
• owner of NUPAY Investments
• Execution Practice Leader for Australia & NZ – Franklin Covey for 7 years

Marnie Aliviado

General Manager / Results Coach

• Bachelor of Psychology
• Manager of a 5-Star Hotel Opening
• 2 years experience working in Singapore for an IT start-up
• University Instructor

Victoria Nolasco

Sales Partner

• Experienced Senior Advertising Executive
• Informa Australia Sales Director

Angela Albores

Results Coach

Nicolai Liu

Results Coach

• Bachelor of Arts Major in Broadcast Media
• Customer Service and Technical Support Expert for 7 years
• Customer Service Trainer
• Quality Assurance Specialist
• Team Leader of 30 people

Mary Castro

Client Services Manager

• 8 years experience in the outsourcing industry
• 3 years Sales Manager
• Worked with clients from the US, UK, Australia, NZ, Singapore, Japan, HK, UAE, and Qatar.
• Attended Leadership Seminar from Curtin University

Vanessa Apal

Recruitment Assistant

• BS-Hotel and Restaurant Management
• Internship at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for 6 months

Rowena Ortega

HR - Employee Relations Officer

• BS in Management Accounting
• 1 year experience in the Outsourcing Industry

Genevieve Almedilla

Accounts / Bookkeeper

• Bachelor of Commerce Major in Management Accounting
• 2 years work experience in Singapore
• 6 years work experience in Taiwan

Abert Catamco

Videographer / Photographer

• Bachelors of Science in Nursing
• Fashion Photographer of Model Association of the Philippines with 5 years in the industry



We possess an internal drive to succeed and help our clients exceed their goals.


We care deeply about the success of our clients knowing that their success is our long-term success. We care about our work mates and treat everyone as we would wish to be treated.


We possess a thirst for learning new skills and commit to extended learning to keep ourselves adding value to our clients and each other.


We focus and get the job done. We believe in measurements and creating winnable games across all the work we do.

Find a way

We take responsibility, accountability and ownership for our actions. We embrace challenges and commit to finding resolutions to any obstacle.

How it all started...

GO-VA was founded in May 2014 by Matt Kesby an Australian Entrepreneur and Execution Practise Leader for Franklin Covey. FranklinCovey is a global leader in effectiveness training, productivity tools, strategy execution consulting and assessment services for organisations and individuals. Well known for the books, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The 4 Disciplines of Execution.

In 2008, Matt & his sister, Fiona Kesby GO-VA’s CEO, started offshoring tasks via Upwork (Odesk). There were many great success stories and also many frustrations in managing a virtual team working from home. Deadlines missed as VA’s were working for other clients, not being able to make contact for days, interruptions due to power outages and internet loss. Not to mention the loss of time training up new team members with each new project.

The concept was great but wasn’t truly effective. With Matt’s passion for the SME sector, his experience with freelance virtual assistants and his execution management experience, he wanted all business owners to have the opportunity to effectively offshore tasks without the high costs of setting up an offshore business or the loss of control via complete outsourcing. Thus, GO-VA was created. GO-VA finds the top talent in the market, have their client decide who and how work will be performed and then, house and care for them in their office in Cebu, Philippines. The office is led by Fiona who relocated to the Philippines in May 2015 and brought 16 years of Australian & International Recruitment experience. GO-VA’s philosophy is to offshore low value tasks to the Philippines in order to create more time for Australian, NZ, US, UK & Singapore based team members to execute on strategy and scale their business.

Our mission is to help your business scale and to be a catalyst for your team to exceed.

Why Cebu?

  • 2nd largest city in the Philippines
  • 4.6 million people (2.5m in the metro)
  • 22 universities
  • 100+ outsourcing companies
  • 8th top global outsourcing destination in 2015
  • 30 minutes from the international airport & beaches
  • 15 minutes to mountain resorts
  • the Philippines ranks 3rd in Asia for English proficiency
  • relatively low cost of living

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